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Featured Extension Master Gardener Projects

Extension Master Gardeners contribute incredible work all across the Commonwealth! The projects represented on this page illustrate interesting, unique, or well-planned projects that we have chosen to highlight in case they are helpful to other units as you plan your own projects. The projects featured here are just a small fraction of all the work we do.

strasburg community garden

Strasburg Community Garden

NSV Master Gardeners work with partners on a community garden in a food desert. Learn more

smith mountain lake front property

Buffer Landscaping in Action

Master Gardeners and Master Naturalists work together to protect shoreline at Smith Mountain Lake. Learn more

obelisk in corhaven graveyard

Corhaven Graveyard

Master Gardeners work to identify and restore plants at a cemetery for enslaved persons, providing education on native plants. Learn more

Recent Project Highlights

strasburg community garden

Strasburg Community Garden

By Gabrielle Sanderson

Do you know what a food desert is?  A food desert is an urban area where is it difficult to buy affordable, or good-quality fresh food.  You may be shocked to know that there are many of these, right here in Virginia! The town of Strasburg has a food desert that encompasses 90% of its community. Continue reading

obelisk in corhaven graveyard

NSV Master Gardeners Work to Restore Corhaven Graveyard

By: Gabrielle Sanderson

Sarah Kohrs, a Northern Shenandoah Extension Master Gardener, attended a workshop for the Corhaven Slave Cemetery called “Honoring the Forgotten” and immediately jumped on the opportunity to apply for the Corhaven Graveyard to become a project through the  Extension Northern Shenandoah Valley Master Gardeners. The mission of the Extension Master Gardener Program is to share knowledge and empower communities, and through the Corhaven Graveyard project, Northern Shenandoah Master Gardeners illustrate the power of this mission.

Continue reading


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