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Featured Extension Master Gardener Projects

Extension Master Gardeners contribute incredible work all across the Commonwealth! The projects represented on this page illustrate interesting, unique, or well-planned projects that we have chosen to highlight in case they are helpful to other units as you plan your own projects. The projects featured here are just a small fraction of all the work we do.

We want to hear about your projects! If you are an EMG with a great local project, email Devon at for information on turning it into a project highlight for this page. We are especially interested in hearing about your COVID relief stories (for example, donating produce, helping community gardens, working with food banks, etc).

Fred Heutte Demo Garden

Norfolk Master Gardeners have managed their Fred Heutte Demo Garden through COVID, providing food to local food banks. Read more.

Virtual Plant Disease Diagnosis

Chesterfield County EMGs responded to the COVID pandemic by taking their popular diagnostic services virtual. Read more.

obelisk in corhaven graveyard

Corhaven Graveyard

Master Gardeners work to identify and restore plants at a cemetery for enslaved persons, providing education on native plants. Learn more

Recent Project Highlights

boxes of produce sit on a stone path with yellow flowers in a garden behind them

Fred Heutte Demonstration Garden COVID Response

By: Paul Ziegler, Norfolk Extension Master Gardener

For over 10 years, Norfolk Master Gardeners have operated a Demonstration Garden at the Fred Heutte Center in Norfolk’s Ghent neighborhood. The garden, consisting of 40 4ft X 4ft raised beds, utilizes Square Foot Gardening techniques to demonstrate how to maximize food growing potential in an urban environment.  The entire garden is maintained by a cadre of extremely dedicated Norfolk Master Gardeners and a few neighborhood volunteers. All produce is donated to the Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia.  It has served as a hands-on educational opportunity for not only our Interns, but for our “seasoned perennials” as well.  It has been a central focal point to helpgroups and individuals interested in growing their own produce.

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close up branches affected by boxwood blight show leaf yellowing

In Chesterfield, plant disease diagnosis goes virtual amid coronavirus

By: John McBride

In Chesterfield, plant disease diagnosis goes virtual amid coronavirus

Last summer, a local first-time vegetable gardener called the Chesterfield County Master Gardener Help Desk with a big problem: all his tomato plants seemed to be dying. Peg Tipple, Chesterfield County Master Gardener volunteer, jumped into action. After dissecting plant samples brought to the lab, she identified the problem. The gardener had planted his tomatoes in containers that were too small.

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obelisk in corhaven graveyard

NSV Master Gardeners Work to Restore Corhaven Graveyard

By: Gabrielle Sanderson

Sarah Kohrs, a Northern Shenandoah Extension Master Gardener, attended a workshop for the Corhaven Slave Cemetery called “Honoring the Forgotten” and immediately jumped on the opportunity to apply for the Corhaven Graveyard to become a project through the  Extension Northern Shenandoah Valley Master Gardeners. The mission of the Extension Master Gardener Program is to share knowledge and empower communities, and through the Corhaven Graveyard project, Northern Shenandoah Master Gardeners illustrate the power of this mission.

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