Project Spotlight

Featured Extension Master Gardener Projects

Extension Master Gardeners contribute incredible work all across the Commonwealth! The projects represented on this page illustrate interesting, unique, or well-planned projects that we have chosen to highlight in case they are helpful to other units as you plan your own projects. The projects featured here are just a small fraction of all the work we do.

We want to hear about your projects! If you are an EMG with a great local project, email Devon at for information on turning it into a project highlight for this page. We are especially interested in hearing about your COVID relief stories (for example, donating produce, helping community gardens, working with food banks, etc).

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Fred Heutte Demo Garden

Norfolk Master Gardeners have managed their Fred Heutte Demo Garden through COVID, providing food to local food banks. Read more.

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Virtual Plant Disease Diagnosis

Chesterfield County EMGs responded to the COVID pandemic by taking their popular diagnostic services virtual. Read more.

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Corhaven Graveyard

Master Gardeners work to identify and restore plants at a cemetery for enslaved persons, providing education on native plants. Learn more

Recent Project Highlights

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