State Coordinator Endowment

About the Coordinator Endowment

In the interest of preserving our state Master Gardener program perpetually, the Virginia Master Gardener Association has organized an endowment fund to ensure that the Virginia Cooperative Extension Master Gardener State Coordinator position will never go unfunded.

“VMGA has entered into an agreement with Virginia Tech and Virginia Cooperative Extension to endow the State Master Gardener position. Through donations made to The Virginia Tech Foundation, the endowed position will ensure that there will always be a faculty position to coordinate and support the Extension Master Gardener program in Virginia.

Many, many individuals and MG organizations believe in the Endowment and have made gifts over the years. Our grass roots effort is slow, but donations of cash are now close to $300,000 and deferred gifts will one day add another $200,000 to the Endowment.” Visit the VMGA website for more information on the Endowment.

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What does the State Coordinator Endowment fund?

In addition to ensuring that there will always be a faculty position to coordinate and support the Extension Master Gardener program in Virginia, the State Coordinator Endowment has also recently supported:

  • Development of online training modules covering eight different horticultural topics
  • Maintenance of online modules and expansion of online training resources
  • Development of educational video content, including series highlighting common diseases and pests in the landscape and garden available on YouTube
  • Graphic design and marketing efforts, including a series of infographics customized for each Extension Master Gardener unit


Download the Endowment Donation form here


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Giving Levels

Level Name Amount Donated
White Oak $10000 +
Southern Magnolia $5000-$9999
Bald Cypress $1000-$4,999
Silverbell $500-$999
Flowering Dogwood $250-$499
Eastern Redbud Up to $249

Contribute in Recognition of Special People

Gifts can be made in recognition of special people in your life as “in honor of” or “in memory of.”

In Honor of: Give a gift in honor of someone whom you respect, admire or appreciate.

In Memory of: Give a gift in memory of a departed friend or loved one. This is a meaningful way to express sympathy and appreciation for someone who is deceased.