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Master Gardener College

Join us for our yearly continuing education conference in Blacksburg, VA

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Winter 2020 In Season

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2020 Master Gardener College

2020 Master Gardener College will be back in Blacksburg, Virginia! Join us for our last College before we host the International Master Gardener Conference in 2021! Featuring an exciting variety of new speakers and meet new state coordinator Kathleen Reed.

Each year, nearly 250 Master Gardeners from across the state attend this event, making it a great opportunity to learn and network with other Master Gardeners! Never been to Master Gardener College? Learn more here

Mission, Vision, & Values


Sharing Knowledge.
Empowering Communities.


To be the Virginia Cooperative Extension volunteer organization extending horticultural and environmental outreach across the Commonwealth.


• The environment, each other and those we serve

• Wise stewardship of resources
• To our organization, our community and each other

• Willing to work with a diverse group to reach a common goal
• Actively seeking out partners