Strategic Planning & Annual Reports

The EMG State Coordinator’s Office occasionally produces important documents related to strategic planning and annual reporting for the state-wide program. These documents are provided for your reference if you are interested in the future plans or reporting practices of the Virginia Cooperative Extension Master Gardener Program.

Mission, Vision, and Values PDF

This PDF copy of our mission, vision, and values statements is useful for promoting the program and providing education on what Extension Master Gardeners do. Download a PDF of our mission, vision, and values with the 2023 infographic

Unit-Specific Infographic

Please use this template to create a local infographic advertising your unit’s achievements. If you need help retrieving the data to populate this template, please email Devon at Download a PDF of the unit-specific infographic.

Task Force on Accessibility and Connection

The Task Force on Accessibility and Connection was formed in early 2021 with the goal of addressing the issue of a lack of representation among EMG volunteers and identifying any overt or covert programmatic issues which discourage participation by a diverse group of volunteers. View the 2021 Task Force on Accessibility and Connection report

Happy EMG Volunteers & Thriving EMG Units

In the Virginia Extension Master Gardener (EMG) Program, there are a number of thriving units with volunteers who continue to be excited about local projects and their own efforts within the program over the years. This research project looked to uncover the factors at play within these successful units full of engaged, and generally satisfied, volunteers. What can we learn from these units and individuals to help strengthen all EMG programs across Virginia?  View the report here.

View the executive summary here.

Annual Reports

Beginning with the 2018 calendar year, the EMG State Office will be releasing regular one-page annual reports with comprehensive statewide reports released every 4-5 years.

Strategic Planning Updates

The EMG State Office undertakes a strategic planning session every few years. These sessions help identify goals and priority areas for the program.