Continuing Education Opportunities

Reading List

We have compiled a reading list containing titles recommended by George Graine, a Fairfax EMG Emeritus, and compiled from titles published by past college speakers. View the reading list here.

NEW! We have compiled a list of audiobooks you can access via your local library’s subscription to Hoopla (you will need a library card to create an account). View the audiobook list here.

Up to three hours of CE can be earned per book.

Webinars and Videos

Virginia EMG webinar archive:

Virginia EMG YouTube channel:

VCE Turf YouTube Channel:

eXtension online resources and webinars:

eXtension Master Gardener page:

NC State Extension webinar listing: (Please note that “All Bugs Good and Bad” is not currently working)

Pesticides, People, and Pollinators: Answers to Tricky Pesticide Questions for Master Gardeners:

Southern Regional Extension Forestry webinars:

Northeastern IPM Center, IPM Toolbox webinars:

US EPA Integrated Pest Management Webinars:

  1. Webinars by Various Agencies – Some information specific to other areas of the country.
    1. Understanding Urban and Community Forests, an Extension Webinar Series by the Southern Regional Extension Forestry, includes
      1. Storm-Resilient Urban Forests: Role of Species Selection&Maintenance Pruning
      2. 27 Years of Extension Urban Forestry Outreach: A Pennsylvania Success Story
      3. A Routine Check-Up of Trees Saves Lives and Property…plus others
    2. Urban Forest Connections Webinar Series 2019, includes
      1. Leveraging Outdoor Green Space for Improved Health
      2. Breeding and Restoring the Next Generation American Elm
      3. Planning in the Wildland-Urban Interface…plus others
    3. Monarch Butterfly Conservation Webinar Series, includes
      1. Why Pollinator Habitat Makes Sense on Your Land
      2. Urban Monarch Butterfly Conservation
      3. Habitat Restoration Fundamentals…plus others, including prior years
    4. All Bugs Good and Bad, 2019, includes
      1. Emerald Ash Borer
      2. Spiders Commonly Found in Houses
      3. GMOS and Their Effect on Insect Populations…plus others, including prior years
    5. Horticulture for Development Professional Series by UC Davis, includes
      1. How to Integrate Youth in Horticulture Value Chains
      2. How to Host an Agricultural Extension Workshop
      3. How to Use Monitoring and Evaluation to Guide Project Success…plus others
    6. Home Gardening Webinars by PennState Extension, includes
      1. Tree Tenders Training
      2. Water Gardening and Aquatic Invasive Species
      3. Spring-blooming Trees…plus others
    7. Plants, Pets, and Pathogens by NC State Extension, includes
      1. Spotted Lanternfly and Current Plant Disease Issues
      2. Caring for Trees with Storms in Mind
      3. Growing Grapes in the Garden…plus others
    8. NC State Cut Peony Webinar
    9. Northeastern IPM Center Toolbox Webinars, includes
      1. What You Need to Know about the Spotted Lanternfly
      2. New Tools for Identifying and Prioritizing Range-Shifting Invasive Plants
      3. Varroa Mite IPM: Mite Management Is the Bee’s Knees!…plus others

Webinars recommended by Northern Shenandoah Valley EMGs:

Courtesy of Stacey Morgan Smith. Thank you Stacey!

  1., includes
    1. Gardening for Pollinators
    2. Growing Healthy Shade Trees with IPM
    3. Volunteering in Under-Resourced Communities…plus others
  2. Master Gardener Advanced Training by OSU (may also find at, includes
    1. Demystifying Grafted Tomatoes: The Why & How for Gardeners
    2. What Can a Leaf Bud Tell Us About Environmental Change?
    3. Are Viruses Lurking in Your Backyard Cherries?…plus others
  3. Master Gardener Webinars by UF, includes
    1. Horticulture Therapy
    2. Old Garden Roses
    3. Your Landscape as an Ecosystem…plus others, including prior years
  4. VCE State MG Office Webinars, includes
    1. Help Desks & Plant Clinics Panel
    2. Conflict Resolution
    3. Cultivating Volunteer Leaders…plus others, click “webinar archive”
  5. VCE’s Spotted Lanternfly Modules
    1. Spotted Lanternfly – 1m 5s
    2. Spotted Lanternfly Training Introduction – 1m 19s
    3. Identifying the Spotted Lanternfly – 6m 33s
    4. Recognizing Spotted Lanternfly Egg Masses – 4m 23s
    5. Phenology and Host Range of Spotted Lanternfly in Virginia – 6m 52s
    6. Spotted Lanternfly Regulatory Information – 8m 3s
    7. Followup Survey     

Continuing Education for Steward Training

NEWEffective Environmental Outreach Strategies Webinar – Registration Deadline: Friday, June 5, 2020

Tree Stewards

Land Care Stewards

Water Stewards