The Virginia Master Gardener Association exists to help foster communication, education, and fellowship among all Virginia Cooperative Extension Master Gardener volunteers.

VMGA is a staunch supporter of the Extension Master Gardener program in Virginia.  One of the many ways in which VMGA supports the program is though an agreement with Virginia Tech and Virginia Cooperative Extension to endow the State Master Gardener position. Through donations made to The Virginia Tech Foundation, the endowed position will ensure that there will always be a faculty position to coordinate and support the Extension Master Gardener program in Virginia.

Please visit the VMGA website to learn more about VMGA including membership and a calendar of events.


people discussing at vmga meeting

What’s up with that? Yes Virginia, we do have a state master gardener association! This is the statewide association for Virginia Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners and Virginia Cooperative Extension (VCE) employees. The Virginia Master Gardener Association (VMGA) is a non-­profit organization and is guided by officials elected by VMGA members. You are not required to belong to VMGA to be a certified and active Extension Master Gardener; however, membership in the state association is an important way to provide direct input to VCE on issues of concern to Extension Master Gardener volunteers in Virginia.

VMGA communicates and networks with you via their bi-monthly newsletter, “VMGA Report,” through their web site, www.vmga.net, and a membership directory. At last count more than 480 Extension Master Gardeners from across the state have joined VMGA. Our state association conducts bi-monthly open meetings, held at various locations around the state, and active Extension Master Gardeners are invited and encouraged to attend.

VMGA also sponsors continuing education programs. The topics are timely and varied, the presentations are superb and the cost is reasonable. Each June, VCE sponsors a four-­day state conference called Master Gardener College at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg. This program includes prominent speakers, workshops, labs, field work, garden tours and even time for more leisurely pursuits. This is a worthwhile experience and once you attend you will look forward to “matriculating” at Master Gardener College the following year.

In summary and to simplify, VMGA is the voice for all Virginia Master Gardeners. We interface with Virginia Tech (our land grant university and the home of VCE) and the state legislature on matter of importance to our client population, the residents of Virginia. We know that citizens of all ages need unbiased help and our expertise to make decisions necessary for a successful gardening experience and to be concerned with the environment.

You are encouraged to join VMGA. Annual membership is only $12. Lifetime membership is also available for a one-­time payment of $120. Joining this organization will afford you a wonderful opportunity to meet many Extension Master Gardeners. You will also have an opportunity to serve on committees that help to shape the future of Virginia Extension Master Gardeners.

Membership applications can be downloaded from www.vmga.net. A secure payment option is also available on-­line. If you prefer, VMGA membership applications are available from your Unit Representative to VMGA.