Webinar – Cultivating Volunteer Leaders with Michelle Prysby, September 27, 2018

Join Michelle Prysby for a presention on how volunteer programs often can be strengthened by having volunteers serve in leadership roles. How do you move volunteers from simply showing up for a volunteer activity to taking on greater responsibilities? What leadership skills are important to cultivate in volunteers? What are common challenges with volunteer leadership and how can they be overcome? We will discuss these ideas and more, and we welcome your own stories of volunteer leadership triumphs and disasters.

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Presentation PDF

Fuller, J. M. and Friedel, C. R. 2017. Developing volunteer leaders: Let their intentions guide the way. Journal of Leadership Education 16(3): 45-66. DOI: 10.12806/V16/I3/R2


Lockett, L. L. and Boyd, B.  2012.  Enhancing leadership skills in volunteers.  Journal of Leadership Education 11(1): 233-244. DOI: 10.12806/V11/I1/AB2


The Lockett paper is also available as an Extension publication from Texas AgriLife Extension, but it’s pretty much the same as the peer-reviewed journal article.


Webinar – Reimagining Highway Corridors with Scott Douglas, September 13, 2018

Scott’s presentation covers “Interstate Interventions”, exploring possible improvements that could be implemented within the planted shoulders and medians along the Interstates in Illinois. His work includes a review of The Ray, an 18-mile section of Interstate 85 in southwest Georgia that serves as a testing ground for new ideas and technologies to transform transportation infrastructure.

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Presentation PDF

Webinar – Boxwood Blight FAQ with Mary Ann Hansen, March 8, 2018

Special guest Mary Ann Hansen, Extension Plant Pathologist with the Virginia Tech Plant Disease Clinic, provides an update on Boxwood Blight in Virginia.  Mary Ann discusses what is currently known about the disease and its spread in Virginia, and shares resources on best management practices for preventing or managing Boxwood Blight in home landscapes.

More information on Boxwood Blight, including VCE factsheets: Boxwood Blight Task Force