Unit Infographics

Unit infographics are useful for representing the value of your local EMG unit to the public, potential EMGs, or local governments/administrators. Unit infographics can be created for each unit based on data reported by that unit. Please print your infographic locally.

To request a custom infographic for your unit, contact Devon Johnson at dvj@vt.edu.

infographic sample showing albemarle county
Infographic one pager


Request a customized brochure file:

Please download and complete this form then email it to Devon Johnson, Communications Coordinator, at dvj@vt.edu. The brochure will be generated and emailed back to you; please allow a two weeks for design and processing.View & Download the brochure request form

Get your brochure printed:

Local units are responsible for handling brochure printing. Once you have your file, arrange for printing according to your needs. Many units order brochures through Office Depot, contact Melanie Rader mprader@vt.edu

brochure pages


This banner is a great sign to have at any Master Gardner event or Help Desk. This version can be downloaded and customized using Powerpoint to insert local VCE office information. If you would like a professionally customized version of this sign including appropriate marks for printing or resized to fit the dimensions of banner product you’d like to order, please email Devon Johnson at dvj@vt.edu. Please allow two weeks for design and processing. 

Get your banner printed:

Units are responsible for banner printing locally. Many units choose a local printer for the banner or use an online print service.

banner with maroon accents

Business Cards

Virginia Cooperative Extension offers customizable business cards designed with the VCE logo available for your unit’s Help Desk . To place an order fill out the order form. This is a great resource to extend the reach of your unit’s Help Desk in the community.  This is NOT for association business, but for VCE approved help desks. Please note:  Business cards need to be approved by your VCE Agent or Representative and must be ordered by the Agent or UAA.  They may not contain references to the local or state Association.  Volunteers are not registered in the ordering system.View & Complete the business card order form

Temporary Name Badges

Blank name tags for trainees are available through the state office. Submit a request through our form here.

two plastic name badges side by side on a table. One is face up and shows the Virginia Cooperative Extension logo with a blank space. One is face down with a metal clip pointing up.

Alternatively, you can print your own name badges and insert in an Avery name badge holder. Badges can be customized in powerpoint and are 3.5 x 2.5 inches. View example name badge holder Avery product.

Download name badge here

name badge with bottom border and logo
Name badge

Permanent Name Badges

Permanent name tags can be ordered through Virginia Cooperative Extension’s name tag ordering system. If no one in your office is familiar with the name tag ordering process, please contact us.

Presentation Templates

For powerpoint and Google Slides presentation templates, click here for the EMG Design Folder.


Mission, Vision, and Values Flier

This flier displays our mission, vision, and values and is a great resource to have at any Master Gardener booth, event, or informational meeting. View & Download

mission vision and values flier
Mission vision values flier

District Stats Flier

This flier gives a good overview of the program by looking specifically at each of the four districts and looking at the number of their units and volunteers. View & Download

district stats flier
District stats flier

Customizable Event Fliers

You can customize both the images and text through Microsoft Word to cater to the specific needs of your event. View & Download

*Please note, before you print and distribute these templates, please check that they feature the most recent indicia statement.