Administrative Resources

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Volunteer Management System Resources

Do you have questions about using the VMS? Need help updating your roster or adding resources to your site? The state office provides a number of helpful manuals to make your experience with the VMS as simple as possible.

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Leadership Development Training Archive

Each year the EMG State Office offers a series of Leadership Development Training (LDT) sessions designed to provide instruction in leadership, meeting management, and programatic updates. Resources and presentations from previous LDT sessions are stored online for your reference.

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Healthy Virginia Lawns Resources

Healthy Virginia Lawns (HVL) is the Extension Master Gardener program designed to help manage urban nutrient runoff in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. If your unit participates in the HVL program, find related videos, guidelines, and printable forms here.

Administrative Training Presentations

Slideshows and presentations related to administrative topics, including civil rights compliance, help desks, and risk management.

Additional Administrative Resources

Including contacts reporting, risk management, volunteer recognition, and more!

Templates reviewed and updated October 2018.

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