Photography, Copyright, and Attribution Resources

Media Releases

EMGs now sign a media release as part of the enrollment process which should be kept on file in the Extension office. Media releases are required for “all traditional and electronic media (e.g., photographs, video, audio footage, and testimonials) that are obtained from non-Virginia Tech individuals.”

Media releases only need to be filled out once ( for example, you do not need a new media release every time you photograph the same EMG at a different event).

Any time you photograph members of the public with the intent to use their image for VCE purposes, you must have a completed media release. For example, if you photograph the public visiting your help desk at the farmers market, you must have a media release before you can post that photo on social media. Media releases are also required for minors.

For official guidance on media releases and to download the media release forms:

Copyright and Attribution

When creating fliers, presentations, or any other media shared publicly, you may not simply copy/paste images you find on the internet (e.g. in a Google image search)–even if you provide a link back to the original website or author!

If you have questions about copyright, or if you are responsible for creating presentations and want to be sure you are properly sourcing images, please review the following training modules: