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About the new website

This website was created in 2018/2019 to replace our old EMG intranet website, which was previously available at This old site was created using a Virginia Tech web product originally designed for students and faculty to manage small blogs–not for large organizational websites–and as such capacity (including storage space and functionality) was limited, making a new website necessary.

Navigating the New Website

The new EMG website is organized into two sections. One section is for current for Extension Master Gardeners and one section is for agent/coordinator resources. The agent/coordinator portion of this website is password protected.

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To navigate to the “Current Master Gardener” portion of the website, click “Current Master Gardeners” in the upper right navigation bar, or click “current Master Gardeners

Website Map

Need help finding specific resources on this site?

Current EMG section:

  • Hover over “Learn” in the menu bar to see options for webinars, In Season, publications, advanced training, EMG blog, and learning resources
  • Click “Master Gardener College 2019” for info on EMG College 2019
  • Click “Biweekly Update” in the menu bar for the biweekly update
  • Click “VMS” in the menu bar to go to the VMS