Introduction to the EMG program

maroon and blue virginia cooperative extension logo with circular EMG logo

Learning goals:

  • Be able to explain what Virginia Cooperative Extension does
  • Understand the state structure of the EMG program and connection to Virginia Cooperative Extension
  • Understand the roles of the state office and your local unit office
  • Become familiar with common terminology

What is Virginia Cooperative Extension?

Structure of the EMG program

Roles and responsibilities

Common terminology

  • Unit office – “Unit offices” are the local county Extension offices that execute Extension programming around the commonwealth. Each county has an Extension office. Depending on where you are located, you might receive EMG training through the Extension office of the county you live in, or through a nearby county’s Extension office.
  • Extension agent – Extension agents are employees of Virginia Cooperative Extension with training in agriculture, animal science, horticulture, forestry, nutrition, or a related field.
  • Unit administrative assistant (UAA) – UAAs are the employees who perform office support (answering phones, mailing, etc) for each Extension office. UAAs are vital to the functioning of local unit offices.