Communication Resources

The State Office provides a number of resources to help units prepare advertising materials, manage social media, and promote their programs. A complete directory of these resources is available to agents and coordinators in the password-protected communications area of this website.

If you are a Master Gardener with communications-related responsibilities (like social media or advertising), you may wish to review the communications manual here.

Update – August 2020

When scheduling Facebook events for your unit symposiums, seminars, talks, etc, please add the state office page as a co-host!

Why add us as a co-host?

  • Your event will reach a larger audience by appearing on our events page & in people’s news feeds
  • Your event will be added to our events page which will serve as a good overview calendar of all events throughout the state

How to add us as a co-host:

Unit Infographics

Unit infographics are useful for representing the value of your local EMG unit to the public, potential EMGs, or local governments/administrators. Unit infographics were created for each unit based on data reported by that unit in the VMS. Infographics are available as a customizable PowerPoint document so you can make adjustments to the data or information represented in your document.

Infographics will be updated in the early winter of each year after all units have reported their yearly data via the VMS.

View & Download all unit infographics in the Google Drive folder here

If you do not see your unit please contact Devon Johnson at

infographic sample showing albemarle county

Program Fliers

Mission, Vision, and Values Flier
This flier displays our mission, vision, and values and is a great resource to have at any Master Gardener booth, event, or informational meeting.

View & Download

mission vision and values flier

District Stats Flier
This flier gives a good overview of the program by looking specifically at each of the four districts and looking at the number of their units and volunteers.

View & Download

district stats flier

Video Series

In partnership with the VT Plant Disease Clinic and Insect ID Lab, The State Office produces videos that cover gardening topics including common landscape pests and diseases. We plan to continue producing videos and to cover different topics as well.

All State Office videos are available on our YouTube channel. We hope you will find the videos educational and that they will be a helpful tool for answering questions at help desks. You may also share videos on your unit Facebook pages.

View the State Office videos here

Complete Video List

Need a way to quickly reference all the videos we have at once? This Google Doc contains a running list of all currently completed videos and links to those videos. It is handy for help desks or situations where you might be directing people with questions to our video series.

Access the video list here

Banners and Signs

A variety of customizable banners and signs are available to EMG units. Banners and signs can be customized by the State Office at the request of your local agent or coordinator. Ask your agent or coordinator for more information on EMG banners and signs. A complete list of available banners and signs, as well as ordering information, is available to agents and coordinators in the password protected agent/coordinator communications area of this website.

banner on left side and infographic on right combined banner

Presentation Templates (.pptx)

Presentation template #1: A classic, plain template with the state of Virginia graphic, built-in stat slide with 2018 data, and an EMG mission slide.

View & Download

Presentation template #2: A template with the state of Virginia graphic, built-in stat slide with 2018 data, and an EMG mission slide + spring themed photos and backgrounds

View & Download

Presentation template #3: A template with the state of Virginia graphic, built-in stat slide with 2018 data, and an EMG mission slide + fall themed photos and backgrounds

Presentation template #2


Keep in mind that whenever you use the EMG logo, you may also need to use the VCE logo (for example on educational event flyers or recruitment materials). Many of these promotional items will also need to have the proper VCE indicia statement. For information on using the VCE logo and indicia statement, please contact your local agent or coordinator.

Information on File Types

.png: This is the preferred file type when working in most Microsoft Office applications. These files will have a clear background and can be used over colored/textured backgrounds or photos.

.jpg: Files have a white background.

.pptx: Designed so that the unit name can be incorporated in the VCE Master Gardener logo. The file can be accessed and customized in powerpoint. Once the unit name has been added select both the image and the text box and left click on the image> Save As Picture…> then select the image file that will work best for your needs.

Logo Guidelines

Please do not use the logo in any way that alters its appearance:  please don’t rotate the logo, stretch the logo, combine the logo with other images or logos (logo can be paired with VCE logos, see pairing options below), or add different colors to the logo.

stretched logo

Don't stretch the logo

rotated logo

Don't rotate the logo

logo combined with clip art

Don't combine the logo with any other images or logos (logo can be paired with VCE logo, see below)

logo with different colors

Don't change the colors in the logo

Virginia Tech and VSU Logo

Please do not use the Virginia Tech or VSU logo in any of your materials! If you think the Virginia Tech logo might be appropriate for your materials, please contact your local extension office or Devon ( in the Office of the EMG State Coordinator. (Note that the Virginia Tech logo appears on official Extension letterhead; this is an approved and appropriate use.)

virginia tech logo with x over it

Do not use the Virginia Tech logo

Statewide Infographics

2019 infographic