Recruitment Templates

Are you planning a training class and need you recruit new EMGs? This series of templates is designed specifically for recruitment.

Recruitment is also covered in the Coordinator’s Manual, and we recommend you review the recommendations there as well.

If you have an idea for a new recruitment template that would be good to offer to all Virginia EMG Units, or if you have a request for a custom banner or sign for your unit, please email Devon Johnson at

Customizable Brochure

Local Extension Master Gardener Brochure: If you wish to create a brochure customized with the information and specifics of a local unit, please download and complete this form. Once the form has been filled out, email it to Devon Johnson, Communications Coordinator, at The brochure will be generated and emailed back to you; please allow a two weeks for design and processing.

View & Download the brochure request form


Recruitment Press Release Template

This document contains text appropriate for a general recruitment press release. Simply download the template, fill in the information appropriate to your unit/training, and email it to local media outlets along with a few pictures.

View & Download the Recruitment Press Release Template

Add an image!

Once you have downloaded this template and drafted your text, find an appropriate image and include it within the Word document with a caption that describes what’s happening in the image (when you distribute your press release, be sure to attach both the press release document and the original image file).

Recruitment “Become a Master Gardener” Banner

An 18 in by 32 in banner you can use at recruitment events. To have this banner customized to include your local contact information or a photo of your local unit, please email Devon Johnson at

View a sample PDF banner

Recruitment Social Media Templates

These social media posts match the design of the recruitment brochure and are available as a PowerPoint file They are designed to be shared on your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. To use them, you can edit them in PowerPoint and export as images. For help with sharing images on Facebook, please see the Social Media Resources page.

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Recruitment Pull-Off-Tab Flyer

This customizable flyer includes space for pul-off-tabs at the bottom which can include contact information for potential EMG trainee applicants.

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Templates reviewed and updated October 2018.

*Please note, before you print and distribute these templates, please check that they feature the most recent indicia statement.